The Foliage

It was an early cool brisk fall morning when Casey crawled out of his warm bed. Walking down the stairs of his two floor apartment he went right out the back door. As part of his normal morning routine it was time to have that morning cigarette while the coffee percolated on the stove.

From the looks of the morning it was going to be another beautiful day as the sun just started to light the sky creating an orange glow in the sky over the mountain. The early season’s foliage pops in contrast to the background of this early morning sky. This year’s foliage seemed to be one of the most vibrant and longest lasting seasons in years.

Growing up in the northeast it was something that Casey was used to seeing. However, for once in his life that he actually was enjoying the beauty around him. Granted as someone who rents an apartment he doesn’t have to worry about raking up the mess that they leave behind, like he did when he was younger.

Casey had a number of things that he needed to get done on his Saturday off. The first thing that he wanted to get done was to put up his summer activities. This has always been one of his least favorite part of the fall. Putt up his fishing poles and winterizing his boat.

While drinking his fresh dark coffee Casey got ready to face his day. Throwing on an old pair of well-worn blue jeans and a basic black tee shirt he was off. Grabbing his wallet as he went out the front door to his beat up and well used pickup it was time for breakfast.

As with every Saturday morning he was off to the local diner for breakfast and of course the local gossip and the hometown ambiance. Sitting at the counter on a Saturday was the best place to learn the happenings around town. However, the real reason to eat there was for the great hearty country style fare that was served.

Walking through the door the entire diner looks up and welcomes Casey. To him this was his version of Cheers where everyone knows his name. Having a seat on his normal stool he took a look around.

The diner had all the usual suspects present, at the far end of the counter was what he considered the grumpy coffee cup. It consisted of a group of older retired gentleman, who never seemed happy or satisfied with anything. Then there was the Masters family sitting at one of the nearby tables for their weekly outing. As usual he was the first to show of his group of friends.

“Hey Casey, how are you this morning? Having the usual?” Asked Shelly as she placed his mug of hot black coffee down in front of him.

“”I am pretty good so far today. I am going to take the usual. And how are you today?”

“I am pretty good,” replied Shelly as she turned towards the kitchen to place the order. “Floyd, the usual for Casey please.”

One by one his friends started to show up for breakfast. As shelly served Casey his usual biscuit with country sausage gravy and sunny side up eggs Tommy arrived. Of course he was hung over and the last to show up, just like every week.

They spent hours just hanging out in the diner talking and listening to the gossip that was going on around them. Usually they all went their own way in the afternoon. Today however, Dennis asked Casey to go out four wheeling through the woods. To Casey this sounded like a lot more fun than putting up the summer items.

After spending many hours out in the woods they headed back to Casey’s parents place. The entire group had plans to have a fall bonfire party. Every year they liked to have a last hoorah before the snow started to fly. With the crackling of the fire, loud music and the beer freely flowing the party was under way.

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So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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