Ghost Town In The Mountains


Every year Phyllis and Edna have a tradition of taking a summer trip. This tradition started many years ago when they were both still working as school teachers. These trips were there chance to get away from the children and their husbands.

The trip always consisted of driving too far off states and immersing themselves in the area, history and culture. Adding to their enjoyment was passing all the area in between their homes and their destination.

For their trip this year they decided to head to New England. In particular the Green Mountain State of Vermont.

Finding a nice little hotel in a small mountain town they set up a base of operations in which to tackle the sites the state had to offer.

On the first couple of days they started by tackling the large attractions. Such places as ski resort, historic sites and factories. While doing some research they found out about a ghost town near where they were staying. This became a trip that they wanted to undertake.

While eating breakfast at a local nearby diner they asked some of the locals there about how to get there. Every single one of the locals did their best to try and dissuade them from taking the trip. However, with both of them being avid hikers and adventurers they insisted on going on the trip.

So with their bags packed with water and box lunches they were off for the lost town of Glastonbury Mountain.

The road that lead to the trail head was a lot rough then either had ever expected. After all the horror stories they had heard, there thought was that the road was like this as a deterrent to visitors.

With very little effort Phyllis and Edna had made it to what was once the thriving center of the abandoned logging town. Wondering around the town for some time snapping pictures the two of them were in there glory.

Sitting down to enjoy their packed meals on what they presumed was the porch of the old general store. Several times while sitting there enjoying the food they felt extreme cold chills and thought they had heard the voices of the town’s people. Feeling over whelmed and adequately creeped out they decided it was time to head back to civilization

As they started to head back down the trail the dark clouds started to roll in as a thick fog started to settle into the valley. Neither one of them had thought to bring a coat or a flash light to find their way back.

After talking it through the two of they decided it best to return to the town and bunker down for the night. Taking cover in a dilapidated house they tried to sit out the storm that was raging outside.

As the fog grew thicker and thicker they felt more and more creeped out. The voices seemed to get louder and they both swore that they could see the images of people walking down the street out the window.

In a minute of sheer panic Phyllis grabbed her cell phone. Surprised that she actually had a signal she called for help before the signal was lost.

“My friend and I need help. We are trapped in the ghost town. There is something going out here,” she told the emergency operator, just then the phone went completely dead.

A search was started immediately using helicopters equipped with inferred cameras, meanwhile blood hounds were set loose on the ground to try and track them. This was far from the first time that someone had been lost or disappeared in this area.

In the morning all the search teams found was Phyllis’s dead cell phone. The last contact that anyone had from the two of there were the frantic pleads of her distress call.

Phyllis and Edna are just another two names that are now on the list of Glastonbury Mountain. The legend goes that their souls have been taken by the spirits of the lost town, as numerous others have in the years past. Now they walk the streets of the lost town for all eternity.

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So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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