Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving throughout the country. This holiday is a day to come together and celebrate our differences and the bounty of the fall harvest. Overall it is a day to be spent with family, friends and loved ones. As with most holidays in this country it has slowly started to change into something entirely [...]

Facade of Technology

Marybeth is a young 30 year old women who makes her living as a computer teacher at her local high school. As part of her job she has to be up to date on all the latest technologies and the world of the internet. Deep down she despises the impact that technology has played on [...]

Ferry Of Death

On the lake near where Jerry spends his time camping is a ferry. It isn’t a long journey across, but, it is an enjoyable trip. So every year while camping he takes one day to drive the country side and take the ferry across the lake. Over the years of taking it he has been [...]