The Book Store

In everyone’s life there is that one place or multiply places that makes them fell calm and relaxed. For each person that place is different. They can range sitting on your porch with a glass of wine to sitting on a tropical beach.

For me there are a number of places that help me to relax. One of those being between the stacks in a book store. To me there is no better place to spend time then roaming the isles and thumbing through a good book.

Over the years I have become very picky about the types of book stores that I visit and shop at. I have learned that every store is different. There are also what I like to think of as different classifications of book stores.

The first being that of the big box store style. When I was growing up and even for many years of living on my own I only knew of this style store. In fact I used to drive great distances just to visit one of these style stores. My store of choice was always Borders, which was until it closed.

I have learned that these stores are not that great. To start the staff is all there for business and often have no real interest in books. Another problem is the excusive amount of lighting.

It wasn’t until several years of living in Vermont that I finally learned the pleasures of small independent book stores. I had finally wondered into the local book shop. That first adventure changes my idea of a good book store. From that point on I have never gone to a box store to buy books.

There are added benefits to buying books an independent store. The staff that works there are generally more interested in the customer finding a good book especially one that they will find interesting. There is also the fact that a lot of the staff have read a number of the books and can give suggestions. The overall atmosphere is more inviting and friendly. A number of these style store have comfy chairs and couches to sit on and read a book. To help with this environment a number of these stores offer light fare foods, coffee, and snacks.

Someday I am hoping to walk into the book store and find my name among the greats on the shelves. Weather that be an independent book store or even a big box store. There is no way to make a name for one’s self without the distribution power of these stores.

I thought I would try something a little different this week and write a commentary. So I hope you enjoyed. I would love to hear what your opinions are, so please feel free to like and comment below, also don’t forget to hit the follow button to see when each post goes up.

So until next time, relax with a good book.


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