EMS Week

“A Night Call”

The tones go off in the night

Heart starts to pound a mile a minute,

Adrenalin floods the body to excite,

Bounding from bed like a bullet.

Down the stairs in flight,

Door flies open to reveal the dark sight,

Piling in the rig out of habit,

The diesel roars to life like a trumpet.

Ambulance flies out the door like a comet,

Shadows dancing in the flashing nightlife,

The sirens wailed out there sound indiscriminately,

We’re off to save another life.

For those of you that don’t know it was EMS application week (May 17-23). I thought that I would share a piece of poetry related to EMS work. I want to thank everyone who works in the EMS field. Your dedication and professionalism is what makes your profession noble.

So I hope you enjoyed. I would love to hear what your opinions are, so please feel free to like and comment below, also don’t forget to hit the follow button to see when each post goes up.

So until next time, relax with a good book.


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