Day at the Lake

“Day at the Lake”

Up early in the morning before the first bird even starts to chirp; grabbing the closest pair of jeans and a tee-shirt but, not caring what shape they are in; climbing out of the tent to start a fire in the nearby fire pit; filling and placing the old beat up coffee percolator on the fire to make a fresh pot of a good strong coffee, so thick it is more like Mississippi mud; frying thick cut bacon and eggs in a hot cast iron skillet over the fire; eating breakfast right out of the pan; no need to worry about dishes in the woods; placing all the tackle and poles in the bed of the pickup; hitching the boat to the bumper; taking the cooler full of water and soda to keep hydrated during the day; oh wait don’t forget to grab the old coffee can full of creepy crawly live bait; while driving down the back bumpy back dirt roads hoping not to spill the thermos of hot coffee sitting in your lap; slowly and carefully backing down the launch access hill; making sure to avoid the trees and rocks along the sides of the ramp; backing into the lake so far that that when opening the door the bottoms of your feet get wet from the lapping water along the shore line; launching the boat with your pant legs pulled up to your knees and still getting them slightly wet; tying the boat off before moving the truck to the parking area; the sound of the boat engine roaring to life in the early hours, knowing you’re the first one out on the water; cruising along looking for the perfect spot to drop anchor and sit back to relax; spending the day drowning defenseless little worms while trying to catch that big one for dinner; liberally apply sun block every couple of hours; finally catching that one fish that will feed you for the night; heading back to shore to reverse the process; back down the bumpy dirt road to camp for dinner; the smell of the fresh caught fish frying over the fire knowing your hard work paid off; the sun is setting and it’s starting to get dark; best to head off to bed; after all another day full of fishing awaits you in the morning.

This was a unique little story that I wrote while taking a recent creative writing course. It was really interesting trying to develop an entire story that was only one sentence long. I hope that you enjoyed this story. Please feel free to like and comment below, don’t forget to hit the follow button.

So until next time, relax with a good book.


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