Equal Rights

I have to say that I am happy to hear that the Supreme Court has ruled that LGBTQ individuals have the right to get married in every state throughout the country. Making this a historic day for the country. With this happening during the month of June makes it even more special since it is [...]

Meet Liam

Liam McBride Liam is very tall and rail thin just like his mother had been. He stands about five foot eight inches tall and weighs about one hundred pounds soaking wet, if he is lucky. His light brown hair is kept short and neat just like his father’s. Liam’s eyes are a beautiful soft hazel [...]

A Night Out

“A Night Out” It’s a beautiful hot summer Friday evening. In the distance the sounds of whippoorwills and crickets can be heard on the evening breeze After working a long day with the road crew, the hot sun beating down making the pavement feel as if it was boiling hot lava, all Stan wanted to [...]