The Winter Cabin

It’s that time of year yet again as the days grow shorter and the nights start growing colder. I know it won’t be long until the snow starts to fall from the sky and covers the earth with its soft light fluffy blanket of pure white.

From Thanksgiving on I wake every morning and throw back the curtains in anticipation of the natural beauty. In my book there is no better sight then a fresh coat of white or even better yet fresh flakes falling from the gray clouds above. These sights give me a deep sense of eternal peace. My husband of course, completely disagrees with me on this sentiment.

On these nice peaceful days, I love to strap on my snow shoes and head out into the woods headed for our cabin along the lake front nearby. This trek to the cabin is always nice and peaceful while letting me enjoy winter wonderland around me. I’m not sure if it is just me, but it seems like every sound imaginable is silenced while the snow is falling. Of course, my trek can be a little on the chilly side, even so it is better than if I were to take it during the dead of winter when even the snow ices over.

In the cabin there is always just enough heat to keep the pipes from freezing and warm me back up. That is until I can get the fire roaring nice and high, heating the whole house. In fact, I get it going so well that it is roasting by the time my husband gets to the cabin after work with her cross-country skis.

Whenever he saunters through the door I always have dinner ready. Some nights I make a thick and hearty stew or maybe even a spicy chili that has spent hours simmering in my cast iron Dutch oven in the roaring fire. Even so my favorite dinner is fresh fish cooked in a skillet with roasted root vegetables and potatoes. Of course, the fresher the fish the better it tastes.

If the ice is thick enough and I’m lucky enough, I bring home some fresh trout back. Then again if that fails I always have some frozen in the freezer left from the lush summer fishing me though it is not as fresh and or enjoyable though.

No matter what meal, we would sit on a soft fluffy blanket in front of the fire as if we are on a picnic. All the while the snow continues to fall to the ground just outside.

Most nights we curl up and cuddle on the couch in the big bay window watching the snow fall. On most weekends we end up falling asleep there all comfy and warm together. There Is no better feeling in the world then falling asleep in the arms of the man you love while mother nature makes everything fresh and new.


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