The Ever Expanding Waist Line


The country is currently suffering a major epidemic that keeps increasing in size exponentially. Yes, pun intended. That epidemic being the one of obesity.

This epidemic is one that is effecting everyone. It appears that no one is safe from it. Every year it appears that more and more young people are becoming obese.

There are a number of causes that are effecting this problem. One of the biggest ones as I see it is technology. Now day’s young people are more likely to sit in front of a computer or T.V. screen playing games on the internet. Then when they do venture outside they are too busy staring at their smart phones. What ever happened to enjoying the weather and being active?

Another problem is the marketing machine in this country. I have recently seen that most sales adds for a many stores are pushing candy and other unhealthy foods. This is very disturbing to me. Even more disturbing is the fact that even stores that are supposed to being supporting healthy living are some of the biggest offenders of this. I don’t understand how a company promoting health can be so corrupt and actually sell more items that are detrimental to people’s health.

However, I do realize that overall people have to take responsibility for their own health these factors are major contributors to the problem. As with most Americans now days they would prefer to blame everyone else, but, them self’s.

So if everyone just got up, get out and get moving things could be turned around.

My challenge to everyone this week is to put down the candy bar, turn of the electronics and get outside.

I hope you all enjoyed. I would love to hear your thoughts. As always please like and follow to learn more about the page and its content.

So until next week or I guess I should say next year, sit back and relax with a good book.


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