Fireside Chats

It doesn’t matter who you are but, one of the best parts of camping is always sitting by a nightly campfire. There is just nothing more soothing about the simplicity of watching the wood burn to ash while listening to the crackling sounds it makes.

Sure there is always the option to have a fire while at home either in a fireplace or a fire pit. However, there is just something about a campfire that out ways all others. Maybe it is being surrounded by all the nature that helps to add the ambiance.

This simple pleasure can easily be enjoyed by oneself. However, it is always more enjoyable when there are others to enjoy this pleasure with.

This year while Earl was on his yearly camping vacation he met a nice family that was camping across the road from him. The family was made of up a set of grandparents named Jim and Sharon. Accompanying them were two of their teenage grandchildren named Corey and Emily. Well Earl took to this family, just as they had taken to him.

Most of the time Earl sat alone at his site either reading or working on his writing since he was a struggling writer. On a majority of nights he would just sit by himself and listen to his fire snap, crackle and pop. This was often when he got his best work done.

On two different occasions he was invited to join the group by their evening fire. One of these occasions the grandchildren were present and the other they had gone home with their parents. On both of these nights after some contemplation, Earl decided it would be enjoyable to join them. After all enjoying a fire with others can be very interesting, intimate, educational and above all a social event.

While talking with the family they were strongly encouraging towards Earl and his writing. In fact they helped give him some ideas. In fact Jim thought that Corey would make a great character for a story since he was a true Vermonter in the sense that he was a true redneck and worked as a farmer and maple syrup producer even though he was only a teen. Granted he would make an interesting character, but, the entire family would make good characters since they all had great stories, dream and aspirations.

Every evening after spending time with this great family Earl was glad for their company. It may have been a short lived relationship, but he will cherish it for as long as he lives. When it came time to say goodbye Earl was very disappointed.

Before going their separate ways Jim and Sharon asked Earl for his blog address. Which he was glad to do since they were all very friendly and encouraging to his work. They wanted to read some of his works and watch as his career hopefully blossom.

For the rest of Earl’s vacation sitting by the evening campfire was never the same thanks to their friendship.


I want to personally thank the real Jim, Sharon, Corey and Emily for the great times. I dedicate this story to them, hoping all is well.


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