Memorial Day

Memorial-DayWell it’s that time of year once again. On a daily basis the sun is getting higher in the ski. Thus making the days longer and warmer. As the days get longer especially weekends, there are more people out and about. There of course all the cookouts, parties, graduations, camping, and spending time at the lakes,rivers and parks.

One weekend above all others has always been the unofficial start to Summer. That being Memorial Day weekend. This weekend being a long holiday weekend there always seems to be more cook outs and parties.

However, this weekend has a much larger significance to the American People, that all to often gets over looked. To me it seems that it gets over looked by the younger generations in particular. Weather that is from lack of education or from a general lack of caring, no one will ever truly know.

Originally Memorial day was know as decorations day. It was a chance for people to decorate the graves of soldiers who gave there life for there country. The holiday was first celebrated in the Southern Confederate States following the American Civil War on May 1st 1865. However, the Northern states didn’t celebrate this holiday until May 5th 1868.

It was first know as Memorial day in 1882, however, it still wasn’t celebrated as a national holiday. After World War II the holiday started gain popularity and was more widely celebrated throughout the country. On June 28th, 1968, the federal government made Memorial Day official and also moved the observance of the holiday to the last Monday of May. With in 5 years all fifty states adopted the new holiday and it’s observation.

So while you are out enjoying your long weekend and cook outs remember to take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can have our freedoms.


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