High School Sweethearts

Many, many years ago lived the sweetest little couple. They first meet when they went to high school together. During their time together they became that perfect high school sweetheart couple that everyone hears about and strives to become. Even so their lives were not the kind that books or stories are written about

During their college years they became separated as they both were off in search of their own educational opportunities. Even so she still remained completely faithful to her high school love.

If only he could say that he stayed faithful during his college years. With him being an overly attractive jock and a futurity member, he always had plenty of girls hanging all over him. During these years there were even a number of pregnancy scares with a number of different girls. Even with this hanging over him he still claimed to be completely faithful to his hometown sweetheart.

With a war rearing its ugly head he decided to serve his country by joining the military. He was lucky enough to end up getting assigned to a support unit and not a combat unit. So with being far behind the lines there were local women flowing in and out of his life in a steady stream.

So after many years of separation they finally were reunited. It didn’t take to long for them to fall right back into their loving relationship. During all their time he never once told her about all the girls in his life and the fact that he had been sowing his wild oats. It had never occurred to her that he would have ever been unfaithful.

With several years of happy marriage and two great beautiful daughters, his past came back to haunt them. This was when a lawyer appeared on their doorstep.

Apparently during his college years one of the pregnancy scares wasn’t actually a scare at all. The young girl gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy. Had the child’s mother not died he would never have learned about the child’s existence.

With this drastic news a wedge was driven between the two of them creating a rift that took some time to repair. However, she still believed that he loved her with all his might. Being the loving women she was she took the son and treated him as if he was one of her own.

Their marriage lasted for fifty years with their love growing stronger by the day. One fateful morning the couple was found dead laying side by side in their bed.

Meanwhile the son was never seen or heard from again. Rumer has it that he was the one that found the bodies. The general consensus is that the sight was too much for him to handle and he snapped causing him to go insane.

So keep your eye out for their son. Known simply as Sonny.


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