Fire In The Hills

It’s the middle of the night in late summer when the little hill town is brought to life with a flurry of activity.

In the distance the fire siren is sounding its incessant drawn out alert. Over and over it sounds as the volunteer fire brigade dresses for the response. Husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends kissing each other as they fly out of their houses in response to the tones.

The entire time they are responding to the station the constant thought that it was just another false alarm runs through their minds. Every single one of the volunteers loved helping their community but, hated the false alarms they all too often received putting everyone’s life in jeopardy.

As they pile into the station house they learn that it isn’t a false alarm tonight. In fact what had started as a teenage drinking party with a bonfire, had gotten out of control. By this time the barn and nearby house had caught fire.

Clambering into their bunker gear the personnel loaded into the awaiting fire engines. Turning on the reds as they pulled out of the apparatus bays, the call goes out for mutual aid units to aid at the scene. Being the fact it was a small town they all knew they were going to need a lot more people and equipment, then they had on hand to battle this blaze

As the first engines grew closer to the scene all they could see was a wall of fire. Without saying a word everyone on the truck knew they were all thinking the same thing; how had it gotten this out of control. It was easy to see that there was going to be no saving the house or the barn from total destruction.

Pulling hand lines from the truck and hooking up to the tanker the crews started pouring water on the ever expanding fire. Within no time word came down that there were three more towns in rout to supply mutual aid.

It seemed that things were starting to go ok as they were finally able to get a line 1/3 of the way around the fire. As the wind started to pick up speed, it started to whip the fire into a frenzy creating a true terrifying firestorm.

Throughout the night the crews worked a feverish pace in an attempt to bring the fire under control. By the hour more and more mutual aid companies arrived on the scene to assist in the fire operations. Choppers were sent by the forestry unit to help assist with aerial water drops.

Continuing to spread down the hillside the fire was encroaching the town. All the residence of the town could see were plumes of dark black smoke blocking out the morning sunlight. On the hillside above the town they could see the red and orange flames as they ever so slowly bubbling out of the hills as if it were a stream of lava or even a living breathing life form.

All the towns people were called upon to evacuate leaving everything behind. No one knew when or if they would be able to return to their homes that was if they were able to return home.

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So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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