Ghost Town In The Mountains

Every year Phyllis and Edna have a tradition of taking a summer trip. This tradition started many years ago when they were both still working as school teachers. These trips were there chance to get away from the children and their husbands. The trip always consisted of driving too far off states and immersing themselves in [...]


The Vacation

With his small truck laidened down with gear Steve is out the door for a two week camping and fishing trip. This vacation was long overdue and highly needed and deserved. Over the past several months this vacation almost didn’t happen. His good old truck started to suffer from major and catastrophic failures. Even so [...]


I have a couple of very important question for everyone out there cyberspace. What is happening to this world? Why is there so much hate in the world? Would it hurt people to just get along and understand each other? So it has happened yet again, another school shooting. Not to mention the attack on [...]