What Happened To Parenting?

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from a parent. I am a single guy who lives alone. Which I prefer, since I work a lot. But, that is not important right now. Even though I’m not a parent doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about it.

When I was growing up my mother always knew where my brother and I were. We would spend most nice days outside riding our bikes or playing with the other children in the neighborhood. Then there was when we were out in public, we never misbehaved or acted out. If we did there was the fear of getting a spanking right then and there. It would be even worse when you got back to the house of course.

Now days, it seems all too often as if parents don’t want anything to do with their children. They just let them roam around town or the city, depending where they grow up. Either way they never seem to really know what they are doing, who they are with or if they are getting into any trouble. Of course when you confront the parents they automatically state that it couldn’t be there child, they would never do anything like that, even when they are caught in the act.

Of course the parents also don’t like that you interrupted them to tell them about the problem with their child. After all whatever they were doing was more important than their kids. It seems it is something as ridiculous as playing video games, watching a movie, or sometimes even worse smoking dope.

Then there are the times when they are out in public with their child. Hey just let the child run around in a store and get into everything. Of course that creates a mess and things get broken. Here again the parents think there kids could do no wrong. Heaven’s to bid an employee say something to the child and/or the parent. That’s when it becomes a major case and all too often gets blown way out of proportion by the parent.

Now I by no means saying that when I grew up all was hunky dory but it sure seemed better. At the same time I am sure that our grandparents felt the same way about the way our parents brought took care of us. Just like I am sure that is the story of the ages.

Of course I am not saying that all parents out there today are like this. It just seems like the majority of them. I of course know several parents that due to a good strong upbringing are just as involved in their kids’ lives as my mother was in mine.


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