Work Ethic

featured-paul_white-issue10I am not the oldest person around, yet I am not the youngest. However, when I was growing up and started in the work force there was this concept of working ethically. To this day I try to live up to the concept that was instilled in me all those years ago.

It seems like now days this concept seems to have fallen by the way side. With some of my current and recent jobs I have experienced this problem on a first hand basis. It continues to surprise me with how little work ethic the younger generations have. Ultimately I think it all comes down to the technological revolution.

I never will understand why the younger generations think that social media is the best way to communicate with their employer. Whether it be letting them know they aren’t coming in or that they are going to be late. Even then it happens only a short time before the shift starts. What ever happened to actually calling into work? After all that if the boss doesn’t seen the message.

Then there is that Minicomputer that everyone carries in their pocket disguised as a phone. All day long they worry about checking their social media. When did sites like MeSpace, Tweeter, SnapperChat, InstaGraph, and FactlessBook take over people’s lives? Yes I know those aren’t the real sites but, it is my way to show disdain for them in the work environment. Also I do have a couple of these pages myself, in fact a number of you might have even gotten to this entry through one of them.

In this day and age the younger generation don’t want to work hard. Often they do as little work as possible to just get by. They don’t even seem to know the concept of going above what is required. All too often a lot of them think that showing up to work entitles them to a pay check.

Then there are the ones that think that they don’t need to worry about even calling when they are going to be late or not coming in. I have seen kids for a lack of a better word show up hours late without even letting anyone know they would be late. Then all they say is “I know.” That doesn’t help cover there shift. Then there are those that send in family and friends to let you know that they aren’t coming in to work. When did this become acceptable and common practice? If I tried that when I was younger I would have my ass handed to me for not calling in myself.

Of course there are a few that actually do call. But, even then it is only minutes before the shift starts. Then you are forced to scramble to find someone to try and cover that shift. Of course at that point you can never find someone to cover and then mgmt. is forced to work extra and cover there shift. Then they end up with overtime and the main office is not happy that there is overtime. What else is there to do?

What can I say I am old-fashioned? Over all I miss the days of responsibility for one’s own actions and a much simpler time. But, I guess this is the way the country is moving towards.


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