It was late in the morning on a beautiful mid-summer day when Frank awoke to the sounds of birds outside his bedroom window. Making a quick breakfast and popping a couple of aspirin, it was time to take a long shower to clean of the dirt and grime of the night before.

In the afternoon frank decided that it was time to get out of the house and do a little fishing. On the way to one of his favorite fishing holes he had to stop to grab a fresh tub of worms from the local convenience store. As always he just walked out of the store without even looking around or at the bulletin board of mostly local advertisements.

Spending hours just sitting on the shore line drowning worms, his favorite summer time activates. Frank caught a couple of fish but nothing really worth the effort of cleaning and keeping for dinner. To meet his criteria the fish have to be large enough for a meal or in enough abundance to waste the time on smaller ones.

On the way home still covered in worm guts and fish goo, he decided to stop to pick up a burger at the local summer burger shack near his house. While waiting for his food to be ready there wasn’t much to do than look at the local bulletin board.

As usual there wasn’t much of interest on the board worth a second look. That was except the missing person’s poster. What really caught his attention was it was someone that lived locally, more specifically it was him. It was an utter shock to see his face plastered on the board.

When Carrie handed him his food he asked about it. After all she seemed to know a lot of what went on in town. Not to mention he had seen her last night. During their talk he found out it that everyone was wondering what happened to him the night before. He had been at the local pub and all of a sudden he disappeared.

Taking the poster off the wall he headed to the store to grab a six pack. As he walked in one of the cashiers ran from her register while cashing a customer out to give him a hug. She had been worried for Frank since he had been missing. Tearing down yet another poster from the store he was starting to get a little ticked off.

Once at home with a fresh cold beer in his hand, he finally read the entire poster through. It stated that he was last seen wearing a pair of blue jeans and a goofy t-shirt. The shirt had been found on the ground down the street hours later. Apparently the guy he had recently been seeing.

This really infuriated Frank. He had to call and give this guy a piece of his mind. His actions were far from appropriate or acceptable. It all came down to him being a small minded individual.

After two days of going all over town he was finally able to get all the poster down throughout the town and surrounding area.


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