A Night Out

“A Night Out”

It’s a beautiful hot summer Friday evening. In the distance the sounds of whippoorwills and crickets can be heard on the evening breeze

After working a long day with the road crew, the hot sun beating down making the pavement feel as if it was boiling hot lava, all Stan wanted to do was relax with an ice cold beer.

On the way home he decided to stop at the local burger shack to pick up some food. It was way too hot to even think about cooking, especially outside.

For Stan it was going to be a night of sitting in his boxers watching hunting shows in front of his fan.

With the greasy burger and fries in hand, Stan entered the mudroom off the back door. Stumbling in as he kicked off his boots, Stan bursts through the kitchen door.

Leaving a trail of his shed clothes, he makes his way to the living room. Plopping down in his leather recliner and putting his feet up in one flaring movement.

Just as he cracks his first beer out of the mini fridge and turns on the television the phone rings in the next room.

“Yeah whatcha want” spat Stan as he answered the phone on the third ring.

“Hey Stan, its Bob. Listen were all going down to the pub tonight for drinks. You coming?”

“Listen man, I just got home and I’m beat.”

“Come on. Kelly is going to be there and she really wants to see you man. It could be your lucky night.”

“Really! Kelly wants to see me? Yeah maybe I will come then.”

“Cool. We will see you about ten then, okay? Oh and remember it is karaoke night.”

Finishing off his burger and beer, Stan headed upstairs to his bed room. This was going to be the hard part of his evening, finding the right outfit to wear to impress Kelly. He of course knew that he was going to wear his nice pair of jeans. But, finding a shirt to go with them was going to be difficult. The overall goal was to impress Kelly, after all he had been chasing after her for months.

While taking a shower, Stan couldn’t help but sweat over the night to come. What was he going to say, how was he going to act and most of all would she like him.

Stan and the gang had one hell of a good time that night. There was a lot drinking and smoking. Not to mention they all got to laugh at each other while taking turns singing along with the karaoke. When all was said and done they closed the place down.

The party was far from over however. Loading into their pickup trucks they were off to the lake for the next party.

On the way there Kelly sat in the middle seat right next to Stan. Which he thoroughly enjoyed, especially when she placed her hand on his lap.

The real party didn’t get started until the light from the blazing bon fire covered the ground, and the crescendo of the music reached a palpable THUD from bass. Cold drinks started to flow in a never ending stream to the party goers.

Stan was having a great time. With a drink in his hand at all times, he started to dance with Kelly. To him he felt like the luckiest man on earth, especially when Kelly leaned in to give him a big wet kiss while they were dancing and grinding.

As the night slowly progressed into the pre-dawn hours, Kelly seemed to get a lot more comfortable and closer to Stan. From his point of view the night could only get better.

The sun slowly started to rise over the eastern mountainous horizon. As a haze fell over Stan’s mind he slowly wiped the sleep from his eyes with the back of his hand.

As he goes to sit up he realizes that there is someone’s arm wrapped around him, hoping to find it was Kelly’s, but the utter shock was finding that the arm belonged to non-other than his good friend James.

An even bigger shock yet was when he saw the outfit he was wearing. He appeared to have ended his night in someone lacy pink bra and a pair of tighty whities. The burning question in his mind was as to what had happened to him the night before. More importantly who’s underwear was he wearing, since he left the house in a pair of blue boxer shorts.

It became obvious to Stan that he must have blacked out. The only way he would ever find out was from embellished stories his friends would tell in the years to come.

This is just a short story that came to mind one evening while hanging at the local pub with my good friend Casey.

So I hope you all enjoyed. I would love to hear what your opinions are, so please feel free to like and comment, also don’t forget to hit the follow button to see when each post goes up/

So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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