Fireside Chats

It doesn’t matter who you are but, one of the best parts of camping is always sitting by a nightly campfire. There is just nothing more soothing about the simplicity of watching the wood burn to ash while listening to the crackling sounds it makes. Sure there is always the option to have a fire [...]

The Proposal

It was a beautiful summer day with the sun high in the sky. The trees being lightly rustled by the slightest of breezes helping to keep the hot temperatures at bay making it comfortable enough to be outside in the sun. In the woods nearby the animals frolicked and playfully chasing one another enjoying life. [...]

The Family

The family is one of the most powerful influences of anybody’s young life. For most people this is where they learn their values and the difference between right and wrong. Not to mention this is the first and sometimes the only place where they experience what true and unconditional love really is. For Alex this [...]