It was late in the morning on a beautiful mid-summer day when Frank awoke to the sounds of birds outside his bedroom window. Making a quick breakfast and popping a couple of aspirin, it was time to take a long shower to clean of the dirt and grime of the night before. In the afternoon [...]


The Junkie

There is this feeling of euphoria that over comes your body when you are doing something enjoyable. This is caused by the release of a neuro chemicals that act on pleasure receptors in the brain. As with most things these sensations and receptors can be triggered artificially. Freddy had a very strict overprotective environment as [...]

The Birthday

For the majority of people in the world it is just yet another day. However, for Fred it is supposed to be a special day. Today is his birthday, a day which has always meant a lot to him and his family. When freed was younger it was a day full of presents, great food [...]