So the month of June has arrived yet again. Throughout the month there are a number of special dates to celebrate and enjoy. Each person celebrates these dates differently and they have different meaning s for everyone. For starters there is the fact that midway through the month is the summer equinox meaning the official [...]


Memorial Day

Well it's that time of year once again. On a daily basis the sun is getting higher in the ski. Thus making the days longer and warmer. As the days get longer especially weekends, there are more people out and about. There of course all the cookouts, parties, graduations, camping, and spending time at the [...]

Musical Greats

Recently I have been feeling like I am an old man. I work with a bunch of younger folks. Most of them are either teenagers or in their early twenties. Now granted I am not exactly old, since I am only in my mid-thirties. This age difference has really become evident through music in particular. [...]


I have a couple of very important question for everyone out there cyberspace. What is happening to this world? Why is there so much hate in the world? Would it hurt people to just get along and understand each other? So it has happened yet again, another school shooting. Not to mention the attack on [...]

Day of Remembrance

Throughout the history of the United States there are events etched into the fabric of the country and the minds of those who live in its borders. Today is on such day. Fourteen years ago the U.S. was attacked viciously and cowardly by the terrorist organization known as the Taliban. This attack caused the death [...]