Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo which translates from Spanish to the “Fifth of May”. Which is a celebration observed to commemorate the Mexican Armies unlikely victory over the French Army. This occurred at the Battle of Puebla. With this date as with many others throughout history there are celebrations. Primarily in Mexico it is celebrated with a [...]



When I was growing up there were certain aspects of life that were drilled into your head. All too often this was done weather you wanted it or not. Generally this was done with young children, but, more especially teenagers. Of course these were times in our lives that most of use preferred not to [...]

Modern Evils

In this day and age there are a number of pieces of technology that most people can’t survive without. Among them there are computers, tablets, MP3 players, GPS’s, and cell phones. With all this technology at everyone’s finger tips it has caused the majority of people to become rudder, inconsiderate and less knowledgeable. In my [...]