Spilled Coffee

For those of you in the northeast I felt that this was an appropriate timed story. Keep warm out there.

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Beeeep; Beeeep; Beeeep; sounded the loud annoying alarm clock. I always hated hearing that first thing in the morning. On the other hand without the alarm I wouldn’t wake up on time. I rolled over and stretched to stop the incessant beeping of the alarm.

As I sat up I was rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I realized there was something different. When I had gone to bed it was a slightly cool evening, but it still wasn’t heater weather. At some point during the night that had obviously changed.

I could see my breath with every exhale and knew the last thing I really wanted to do was crawl out of my nice warm cocoon. Now if this had only been a weekend day I would never have to get up. Being mid work week I had no choice except getting up. Sometimes I hate be a responsible adult, it would have been so easy to just call work and play the sick card for the day.

Swinging my feet out of bed I came to a seated position on the edge of the bed. I quickly drew my feet up when they hit the ice cold wood flooring of the bedroom; wishing I had a pair of slippers to slide into. Every winter I say to myself to buy a pair of slippers and I never seem to follow through on it.

Heading into the bathroom in nothing but my boxers I figured a nice warm shower would heat me up. As I reached for the water spigot I could feel the cold just emanating from them, even so I gave them a turn. All that came from the pipes was a groaning sound and not a drop of water. Realizing my pipes had frozen during the night was not making me feel any better about the temperature of the house.

I could see that I was not going to have good morning which would like lead into have a bad day in general. It seemed to me that I never had a good or productive day without taking my morning shower. Of course that was going to be the least of my problem; no water meant no morning coffee, which always made me grumpy. Of course, I could always go to the local coffee house for my morning joe, I just don’t like to spend five bucks on a cup of coffee. With the way my morning was starting out I figured I just better get dressed and get my day started.

Heading to the kitchen I decided I would have a nice warm breakfast to try and heat me up from the inside out. I open a packet of instant oatmeal and yet again tried the water, with the same results as upstairs. Since I hadn’t been shopping in almost two weeks the only thing I had the refrigerator was a carton of half and half for my coffee. Since there wasn’t any other choice it was going to have to be the coffee shop for my coffee and a muffin.

When I walked out the back door onto the porch I was shocked at the white crystals from a heavy frost that occurred during the night. This sight was rather upsetting since it was still too early in the season and I hadn’t covered any of my plants, so much for my beautiful garden of flowers and fresh vegetables.

It had been so nice the night before that when I got to my truck I realized that I had left open my driver’s side window. I climbed into the cab and found that the seat of truck was even frosted over and made for one cold seat. Turning the key to start the truck and turn on the heater and defroster was even difficult. All the engine did was crank and crank without turning over, just what I needed a dead battery. I had been having some trouble with the battery lately and was going to finally replace it over the weekend.

Placing the truck on the battery charger I had in the garage. While waiting for the battery to charge I started to scrape the windows. Of course, I was going to have to scrape both the exterior and the interior, so I can see to drive.

Finally I got the windows cleaned, truck running and I was on my way for the day. Stopping at the coffee shop before heading into work. With a large coffee and a muffin I pulled into the parking lot at my office building. As I reached for the door handle to open the door my cell phone rang. Trying to get my phone out of my pocket I dropped my coffee spilling it all over the frost covered grass.

When I answered the phone my day really went wrong. It was my boss letting me know that due to the weather and the heater at the building not working, we were not going to be operating for the day. So after all my trouble for the morning I was going to be able to go back home and crawl back into my now cold bed and wait for a new, better day.


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