Meet Carson

This week I decided to introduce everyone to a very strong young character wondering around my thoughts. He in a way resembles each and every one out there to some extent, with some of his young feelings. So as you read this profile take a minute to stop and think about yourself at his age and see if you can’t relate. I would also love to hear from you in the comments on some of the ways you relate to him or even better some of your struggles at that age.

Carson is your average teenage boy. Everything in his life is at the awkward stage between childhood and being a young adult. He is struggling with just trying to fit in, just like everyone else he feels that he never will. His home life leaves a lot to be desired and is in the process of self destructing. Not to mention all the changes with his body and all the hormones.

Carson Leonardo Emerson

Carson is a fair skinned tall and lanky kid who eventually grows to be 5 foot 8 inch’s tall. He has blonde hair and sparkling coral blue eyes. On a daily basis he likes to dress well and is into fashion and being stylish. Carson eventually pierce’s his left ear basically as a rebellion against his mother.

Basically Carson has a dysfunctional family.

Carson and his mother MaryAnn do not get along and she is a violently abusive alcoholic that often takes her anger out on him.  His father Louis is a cross road trucker who when he is in town stays with his girlfriend and later on wife. Carson has a brother that is 3 years younger named Christopher that he looks after and protects from their mother’s rage. Sometime after their parents separation the father remarries and he inherits a step brother name Johnny.

Carson has only got one real best friend, her name is Heather. He of course has a couple of other friends or better acquaintances. Heather’s father is a police detective and helps to care for and protect Carson and Christopher from their mother on several occasions.

When it comes to school Carson struggles a lot especially when it comes reading and writing. For the most part Carson has a really good attendance record except when he was not feeling well and was in a hospital.

As with a lot of teens out there Carson has his secrets that he is hiding from the world and more importantly himself.


To read and learn a little bit more about Carson’s First Date

I hope you all enjoyed getting to meet Carson. As I said at the beginning I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions regarding Carson or if you wish your own struggles as a teen. Please feel free to like and comment below. Also make sure to hit that follow button so you can be notified when the next post goes up.

So until next time.


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