Haunted Fort

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIt’s been 242 years since the sounds of cannon and muskets rang out from the fort along the lake. Back then it was an important line of defense for the fledgling little country. During it’s time in active use it saw its share of disease, petulance, and of course battle.

Now this once great fort sits empty and in shambles. Every year the fort is visited by hundreds of travelers wishing to spend the day at this historic site. The busiest time to visit is during the reenactment encampments.

This takes place every August and hundreds of reenactors assemble to show crowds the forts most important and famous battles. There were of course two differences from the actual battle.

First being it is held in August, when the battle took place in October. This is done to increase the number of visitors to the encampment. The second is it takes place for only two days, when the battle actual battle raged on for almost 2 weeks.

That is where it gets interesting. The park fort is in is only closed for two weeks every year, not even employees are allowed in. it is said that during those 2 weeks the fort once again comes to life with the sounds of battle and life from 242 years ago. There are also reports of people being attacked and in some cases shot, during this period.

Tonight, October 27th which is said to be the date of the bloodiest and most furious battles, and the date with the most paranormal activity. I my friend Franklin and I are going to be the first people allowed to spend the night in the fort for over fifty years.

During the night, we are going to have several cameras and microphones set up in the areas thought to be the most active. We will also be carrying camera and trying to provoke the spirts. Below is my journal of the activity from our fateful stay.

It started out as a nice fall evening. In the distance, the crickets and bullfrogs can be heard. Every now and then a fish can be heard splashing back into the water in the nearby lake. But, there is not a sound in the fort park.

About fifteen minutes ago while Franklin and I were walking across the parade grounds we could hear disembodied voices screaming orders. There is also the sounds of women screaming and children crying. People often forget there were whole communities living within the fort walls.

Darkness started to fall on the fort as the first shot can clearly be heard ringing out. It’s just about 630 or maybe 7 which is about when the battle is believed to have started. The British wanted to defeat the American rebels when they were unprepared and visibility was low.

As it got darker more and more shots could e heard. At some point the cannons started to sound. All the while shouting of commands and screams can be heard reverberating off the forts walls.

At one-point Franklin and I could see what appeared to be soldiers filing out of the remains of the barracks. As midnight drew closer the noises from the battle became deafening. It was obvious we were nearing the climax of the battle.

The entire atmosphere started to shift, it was almost as if we were in a vortex. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn we had been transported back in time to the actual battle.

Noise from the battle raged on for several more hours. During this time, I either had a stroke or I could smell the cordite and the burning of nearby buildings.

As the battle finally started to subside you could hear men from all over the fort calling out for help as they lay there bleeding and dying. Every now and then a cannon blast or a musket could be heard.

At one point as a musket was heard from almost on top of us, franklin screamed out in pain and collapsed onto the ground. I quickly dropped to the ground next to him. What looked like blood was pouring out of his stomach, even though there were no obvious wounds there.

Seeing this I tried to keep Franklin calm as he was crying out in pain. I remained right there by his side. Even after it was obvious that he had died, I didn’t dare move.

When park officials arrived the next morning, they found me curled up in the fetal position next to Franklin’s dead body. Of course, then the cops came in to investigate and go through all our footage.

After the autopsy, it was determined Franklin had bleed out since there was very little blood left in his body. This of course was confusing since there were no visible injuries. Even stranger was the musket ball that was removed from his liver.

This was the last Paranormal investigation I have ever done. The park has never let another person in the park at night and for good reason. Every October I still have nightmares of that night and the battle that took place around me, 242 years before.


I hope you all enjoyed this short story. If you enjoyed this story please give it a like to let me know. As always if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future entries please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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