Trio of Fall Poems

I decided to do something a little different this week. I know it is supposed to be a recipe week and I’m sorry if anyone is disappointed by the change. I will be back to my normal posting schedule starting next week.

Anyone who knows me knows that poetry is not one of my strong suits. In fact I almost quit a creative writing class over trying to write poetry. Luckily I had a great instructor who with her help and understanding along with a lot of studying I was able to survive the poetry section of the class. My biggest problem with the poetry was the rules that needed to be followed for the classical styles we were using.

So the type of poem I am going to use here I found in a back issue of a writing magazine. The reason I decided to do it was that it had simple rules that were easy to follow. Best of all it doesn’t have to rhyme. The style poem I’m using is called a tricube. The rules are simple 3 syllables per line, 3 lines per stanza and 3 stanzas per poem.

I hope you enjoy.


The Leaves

The leaves fall

to the ground.

Colors have


faded to

orange, red,

yellow, gold and


brown. Fall has

arrived in

New England.



The Hearth

The nights have

chilled, the frost

has settled,


the hearth rages

with warmth as

the fire burns.


The couple

sits cozy

on the rug.



The Creatures

The kids are

out dressing

like goblins


and creatures

of the night.

All in search


of candy and

treats to rot

their teeth out.



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