A Time Gone By


I have come to realize that I grew up in the wrong era. Having lived most of my life in the late 20th and early 21st century, I have missed out on a lot of great advancements and opportunities.

Now I know and will completely agree that there are great advancements still made. However, many of the advancements are now in the electronics and of course the medical field.

I really would have liked to be alive for some of the early to mid-20th century. A lot of the younger people now day’s take these advancements for granted, that’s if they even think about them at all.

One of the things I would have loved to experience is the use of a turn of the century telephone. Back in those days you had to actually talk to a real live person know as an operator. They would have to physically connect your call with the use of a giant switch board.

Even then it wasn’t easy to get through. You had to actually know their number and their area, for example Lakewood 2697. If they weren’t there you would have to try and call back, there were no such things as an answering machines or voicemail.

Plus, not everyone even had access to a phone. They were primarily for the wealthier class. Unlike today when everyone has a phone in their pocket and everything is automated, no more switch boards operators. Oh, I long for such a simpler time.

Then there were the early days of travel by automobile. This travel could be very treacherous to undertake. For instance, there were very few paved roads in existence. Most of the roads were rutted rocky dirt roads.

Plus, not to mention the tires. Some were barely wider or thicker than a modern bicycle tire. Needless to say, with the weight of the vehicle and the poor roads, you ended up with a lot of flats that had to be changed on your own since there was no such thing as AAA.

With the unsafe roads and flimsy tires not to mention the engines, cars went a lot slower in the day and age. Which was a good thing considering there were no safety features such as airbags or seatbelts. So literally they were death traps on wheels if you crashed in one.

Finally, I would have loved to travel cross country. I know what you are all thinking, I still can. Which I know is true but, not the way I want to go.

Now days you can get on a plane and be across country in a matter of hours. I would rather it take sa couple of long slow days through the country side. That way I can see the whole country including area’s and can’t be seen at 30,000 feet. Of course, there is also the fact that I am not a huge fan of flying.

I know what else your thinking, I still can. Very true I could take a bus or a train. The fact is I would never take a bus unless it was my last resort and only option. To me they are too dirty, smelly, and cramped. Not to mention I could not sit still long enough in those seats.

My preferred method of travel would be by rail. However, the trains of today are not what would peak my interest. Basically, they are too modern. Most now days have WIFI, T.V., phones, and travel to fast to enjoy the scenery. Plus, the seats are almost the same as those on the bus with better leg room and the ability to move about more freely.

What I would love to have taken is a transcontinental trip on a Pullman Train. The kind with nice wide comfy seats, people waiting on you hand and foot, real food cooked in a fancy dinning car, and of course your own sleeper compartment.

I can imagine the click-a-de-clack of the tracks as the cars pass over them. The sway of the cars rocking me to sleep at night. Just the thought of watching the scenery passing by the windows is enjoyable, granted I know some areas will be bleak with field after field, especially in the mid-west.

Basically, I would love to live out Glen Miller’s award winning “Chattanooga Choo Choo “. Basically, a time when life was simpler and slower paced. Of course, I will never get the chance to know such a time since it has long since passed.


I hope you all enjoyed this little historical commentary. If you enjoyed or found this interesting please give it a like to let me know. Also if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future entries please feel free to leave it in the comments below/

Check back next Friday at 1500 or 3 PM for a special Friday the 13th entry. It is going to be a historic style entry. If you have any ideas of what it might be please leave it in the comments bellow.


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