The Wall Street Farmer

small-farm-pinterestMy parents spent a lot of money on my education. Not just college, but, all the way from pre-K and up. They wanted the for me.

In the long run, it payed off. I went to Ivy league business school. My entire time there the lowest grade I ever got was a 3.9 one semester. That’s due to my one class being too early in the morning and I missed a lot.  I am far from a morning person.

After many years I finally graduated with my MBA in Acquisitions Management. Of course, it’s not what my parents wanted for me. They always wanted me to become a lawyer. I think it was so they could brag to all their friends that their son was a lawyer. Not that they will ever admit to it.

Just like a lot of my classmates I got hired at a wall street trading firm. It was an okay job. There seemed to be a lot of turn over working there. A lot of guys cracked under the stress, some so bad they would swan dive off the roof. I never really worried about the stress. With the way, I grew up I had been under immense stress all my life.

While working there I started to date a great girl. Things in life couldn’t have been going any better. That was until she suddenly up and called it all off and fell of the face of the earth. I never knew what had happened to make her do this.

It was about a year later when that all changed. I suddenly got a call from social services. Apparently, my former girlfriend had died of a heroin overdose. This was devastating news to me, but, I didn’t understand why they were calling me.

That’s when my world really changed. The social services women informed me I had a son named Charlie. A note that had been left at her home explained that she left after getting pregnant, she was scarred I would want to marry her.

This revelation shook me to the core and my world in general. I of course agreed to take the little one into my life. How could I not, after all I was his father.

At first, I tried like hell to maintain my regular work schedule. It quickly proved to be more difficult than I could ever imagine. With my schedule, I was not able to spend the amount of time I would have like with this little guy. So, I cut my hours back at work. That of course didn’t go over well, I lost a lot of my clients and was put on notice. I was in danger of losing my job.

That was all I needed, I resigned my lucrative position and moved back home with my parents. They loved having me back home, but, I think it was little Charlie that they liked having around more.

I spent the next year working as an assistant bank manager at the local bank. All the while living with my parents and trying to decide what my next move would be.

Late one night it came to me while drinking a beer and watching my little Charlie paly on the floor. He absolutely loved to play with his farm set, which had been mine at his age. Wither way it gave me an idea.

I was going to buy a small farm. Something just big enough that we could live off with what we produced. Plus, if I had to I could do some financial work from home.

Of course, with all this in mind all I could picture was Chevy Chase in “Funny Farm”. I knew one thing for sure, I wasn’t eating anything I didn’t know what it was first from the local dinner.

It didn’t take as long as I expected to find a place. The farm was a little over six acres and came complete with 2 milking cows and a tractor. Within two months we were moved in and Charlie loved seeing the animals from his farm set come to life.

There of course was a lot for me to learn and in a short amount of time. I was starting to feel more like Oliver from the popular show “Green Acres”. Only difference is that I didn’t have a beautiful rich trophy wife. I knew no matter what it was all going to work out if I had Charlie in my life.


I hope you all enjoyed this short story. If you enjoyed this story please give it a like to let me know. As always if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future entries please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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