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It’s that time of year again, that’s right it’s summer. Throughout the nice weather or hopefully nice weather, there are likely to be a number of cookouts and picnics. Of course when you go to these events everyone brings something to share with others. But, how many types of deviled eggs, does one cook out really need, not that they aren’t a great treat.

So this year when you go to your picnic and cook outs bring something that everyone will enjoy. Every time I go to a cook out I bring with me a potato salad. Now you’re thinking big deal it is just a potato salad. I would normally agree with that assessment, however, I never leave with any of it left. Plus do you know how often I get asked for the recipe, I lose track all the time. So here is your chance for you all to get my fabulous potato salad.


Simple Potato Salad

3 Pounds Potatoes Cubed (See Note)

1 Red Onion Small Dice (See Note)

1 Green Pepper Small Dice (See Note)

½ Bunch Celery Small Slices (See Note)

1 Jar Miracle Whip Salad Dressing (See Note)

Salt to Taste

Pepper To Taste

Garlic Powder or Granulated to Taste

6 Hard Boiled Eggs

Paprika (Optional)

Chopped Parsley (Optional)


  1. To start place your cubed potatoes into a large pot of cold water and bring to a boil.
  2. Remove the potatoes when they are soft, be careful they are not too soft and fall apart easily.
  3. Drain the potatoes well and place in the refrigerator to cool. (See Note)
  4. Meanwhile chop the rest of your vegetables and five of the hard boiled and mix in a bowl.
  5. In a separate bowl mix together the dressing, salt, pepper, and garlic. (See Note)
  6. Add the chopped egg and vegetable to the dressing.
  7. Once all these ingredients are thoroughly combined add in the chilled potatoes.
  8. Place the salad into a serving bowl and top with the remaining hard-boiled egg that has been sliced.
  9. Sprinkle the top of the salad with the paprika and chopped parsley to garnish.



  • Potatoes can be of your own choice.
    • I prefer red potatoes and then leave the skins on. This is completely optional.
    • When cubing them don’t make them too small or to large.
      • If desired you can make into small wedges instead of cubing.
    • Red onion can be substituted if desired. I chose red for the color contrast.
      • The smaller the dice the less of a strong flavor there will be in each bite.
      • Can be omitted if desired.
    • Green pepper can be substituted if desired. I chose green for the color contrast.
      • Red, Yellow, and Orange are always pleasant as well.
      • The smaller the dice the less of a strong flavor there will be in each bite.
      • Can be omitted if desired.
    • The celery is just a stable item in most salads.
      • Best way to cut it is to cut each stalk in half or quarters prior to slicing.
      • The smaller the slice the less of a strong flavor there will be in each bite.
      • Can be omitted if desired.
    • Miracle Whip is the most important part of the entire recipe. It gives it unforgettable flavor. Also helps prevent the scare of mayonnaise sitting in the hot sun and going rancid.
      • Add more if needed so the salad is not to dry.
    • Cooling the potatoes is an important aspect of this recipe. It stops the cooking and helps hold the shape when mixing the salad.
      • Can be cooked the night before to help make sure they are cold.
      • If skin or chunks break apart that is ok it adds to the texture.
    • Mix the dressing and seasoning together before hand helps to make sure to distribute the flavor evenly.


I hope you all give this potato salad a try and enjoy. Take it to your next cook out and watch it fly. It will make a great addition to your at home recipe index. If you enjoyed this recipe please give it a like below to let me know. Also if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future entries please feel free to leave it in the comments below.


Check back next Friday at 1500 or 3 PM for another original story.




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