The Storm

CI4SdIt was a great beautiful day, lots of sun, nice weather, not to hot or cold, and of course wildlife. It was the type of day where you just wanted to lounge around and soak up the rays while you could.

I of course spent hours down by the lake drowning some worms. It was unbelievable how well the fish were hitting. I had to have brought home pounds of fresh fish. They hit so good in fact that I actually had to through a bunch back since I was catching too many.

That night I had to freeze a lot of it. But, the fresh fish tasted great fried in some fresh butter and served with a nice lemon dill sauce. Of course some fresh grilled vegetables from the local farm store never disappoints.

While doing the dishes I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye outside the kitchen window. It was almost instantly followed by the loud crash of thunder. The thunder was so close that the window actually shook from the shock waves of the sound. I instantly jumped and ducked for cover out of reflex from living in the ghetto when I was younger.

The storm came out of nowhere. Not even the weather service had it on their radar that day. Then again living in the mountains not to close to a local weather outlet didn’t help to much either.

For hours the storm ragged on outside the windows. Each clap of thunder was just amplified as it reverberated of the mountains around the valley. At some point the power was knocked out and I had to sit around the house with nothing but candle lit. Gave me a new appreciation for those in our past that had to read and do all their work by candle light.

The noise made it hard to even think about sleep, let alone get any. Finally the storm started to subside. However, it was quickly replaced with the rain coming down in buckets while the wind whipped and howled through the bare early spring trees.

I wondered out of the house just as the sun was rising over the mountains to the east. The sky was a beautiful hue of orange, yellow, and purple clouds. It looked as if it was going to be another beautiful day. The birds where chirping as if they didn’t have a care in the world.

I knew that the storm had sounded violent, but, I had no idea until leaving the house. The yard was an udder disaster. The ground was strewn with downed branches and a whole tree had landed on the truck crushing the cab. On a positive note the fishing gear and kayak in the back were still in working order and one piece. I knew that the storm had sounded violent, but, I had no idea until leaving the house.

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