Interview Of Life

1413830260-interview-questionsDominick was not your typical looking young professional. With his arms and the back of his hands covered in tattoos, he always wears a long sleeve shirts in an attempt to cover up the majority of his tats. When it came to his ears it was a little harder to hide his alterations. Granted he wore large skin toned plugs, but the deformity of his lobes was still very much visible. His hair was about the only visible that was what most of society would consider normal, with a short cut and well maintained.

There were a lot of employers that would take a look at him and decide not to hire him based solely on his looks. Even though he was the top of his class at Harvard business school. In the business world he was at the top of his game. At his current job he was one of the top earners even though he was seldom if ever allowed to actually meet the clients.

It wasn’t until one morning while checking his work email that things appeared to be changing. He was called into his boss’s office to discuss his future. One of the competitors wanted to have a meeting with Dominick to discuss an investment opportunity. Of course the boss was unhappy with the thought that he might lose him.

Dominick of course had to at least take the meeting and see what they were looking at him for. With his nicest suit and tie on he went across town to meet the competitor. After arriving he was so glad that he decided to wear his nicest suit. It turned out that it wasn’t just a meeting, it turned out to be an informal interview for a new job.

The company was diversifying and working on a new campaign aimed at a younger generations. With his general look and lifestyle he was going to be the perfect poster boy for the new campaign. Of course there was going to be a major boost in his salary.

When he returned to his office he had to write his resignation letter to hand deliver to the boss the next day. As per his contract he had to give a month’s notice prior to leaving his employment. Deep down he was deeply excited to start a new future and opportunity with a new company.

The time had finally come for Dominick to move on. His first day was one that he would never forget. With his new corner office and big desk not to mention the large windows with a view of the city below. He finally felt like he had arrived at his true destiny. If he had only truly know what the job really was.

It was a week later when he was to have a meeting with the campaign team. He arrived to find a number of other guys that looked just like him. Sitting around the table he found that they all had been given the exact same job. After long discussions while waiting for the boss that never seemed to come some fresh food was delivered to the conference room. Everyone started to dig right into the fresh pastries. Finally they all decided to head back to their offices when he never showed for the meeting.

Sitting in his office looking over the city Dominick realized that he had made a big mistake leaving his last job. That is when things really went horribly wrong. He started to feel like he could not breathe and that the room was closing in on him. He assumed that he was having a panic attack and reached for a glass of water. Taking a big glass full he started to drink.

A week later his body was found along with the twelve other members of the campaign team. Accompanying their bodies was a note “Freaks like this have no place in the business world.” It was obvious that the job did not turn out the way Dominick had hopped.


I hope you all enjoyed this short story. If you enjoyed this story please give it a like to let me know. As always if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future entries please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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