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When I was growing up there were certain aspects of life that were drilled into your head. All too often this was done weather you wanted it or not. Generally this was done with young children, but, more especially teenagers.

Of course these were times in our lives that most of use preferred not to listen to their parents, especially in the teen years. We never realized that our parents were just trying to teach use and help shape our futures. As with most teenagers we thought we knew better. Years later you can tell the ones who actually listened to their parents and those that didn’t.

One of the lessons that most parents drilled into their kids heads is respect. I remember when I was growing up you called your elders by the sir names, as in Mr. and Mrs. so and so. Now days kids just call their elders by their given first names or even worse. I kind of miss that level of respect from the younger generations. Just once in my life I would like a teenager from the younger generation to call me Mr. St.Denis

However, being called by a sir name is the least of the things that our parents tried to instill in our lives. Another thing was holding the door for someone else. That and if a door was held open for you, you made sure to thank the other person. Of course with the increase use of automatic doors it makes it a little harder to follow through on this. Another problem is that younger generations don’t seem to see a need to hold a door much less to say thank you.

I have meet a few great kids throughout the years who have learned these lesson from their parents, who would have been kids around the same time as I was. One of the most remarkable teenagers I know who fits into this category is my nephew. But, that might make me a little biased. After all me and his father both had the same upbringing.


I hope you all enjoyed this little rant/commentary about respect. If you enjoyed this rant please give it a like to let me know. Also if you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions for future entries please feel free to leave it in the comments.

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