The Junkie

There is this feeling of euphoria that over comes your body when you are doing something enjoyable. This is caused by the release of a neuro chemicals that act on pleasure receptors in the brain. As with most things these sensations and receptors can be triggered artificially.

Freddy had a very strict overprotective environment as a kid. All he ever wanted to do was try new things and play full contact sports. Closest he was ever allowed to get was on television. In fact he was never even allowed to attend games at the school.

That is why the minute Freddy was free of the tyrannical hands of his parents he changed his life. First thing he did was join his college’s rugby team. This quickly became one of his favorite activates. Every time he played he had a sense of total euphoria the swept over his entire body.

To Freddy there was nothing better than this feeling. Spending time with girlfriend was great and everything, but, he did not get the same euphoric sense. In fact to him it felt like more of a sense of duty than enjoyment.

After finishing college and getting a good job he was constantly looking for that next great adventure. He tried sky diving, hang gliding, driving a race car and base jumping. There was even joining the local volunteer fire and ambulance department, to help the community and get just that little extra adrenaline from going on the calls.

Out of all the adventures he tried his favorite by far was the base jumping. Then feeling of jumping off and building with nothing, but, a parachute as he free fell towards busy street below was a huge rush. However the landings could sometimes be a little hairy which helped add to his euphoric state.

That was until one day he missed his landing after a sudden up draft took him off course. This caused him to land right in the middle of oncoming traffic. Try to his best ability to avoid the danger it was too late. Right as he landed it was too late and he was struck by an oncoming car.

Freddy ended up spending the next several weeks in traction at the local hospital. He never seemed to lose the euphoric state while being treated. It wasn’t until he was released and his medications were reduced that he realized what was causing this constant sense.

From that point on all he could focus on was getting his next fix. After all if he only needed to do was shoot some drugs into his veins why waste the time on dangerous adventures. Plus there was always the added risk of being caught by the cops.

It wasn’t long before his entire life went to shit. He lost his house, his car, his job, his family and even his now wife. That didn’t seem to bother him though all he could think about was that next fix all the rest was just extra baggage. He didn’t really need to worry though he had a place to stay even if it was an abandoned building full of fellow users.

All was going great for Freddy, or at least in his mind it was. Then one day that all changed. He had shoot up with a couple of his so called friends. That was when everything seemed to go black, with his ever increasing need for more and more of the drug to feel the same.

A week later Freddy was finally reunited with his family for one last time. They all came to pay their respects at the side of pine box. The next day he was finally at rest and never had to worry about where to get his next fix, he was taking part in the last great adventure in his life, DEATH.


I hope everyone enjoyed this story that also works as a public service announcement. So until next time sit back and relax with a good book. Don’t for get to like, comment and subscribe so you know when the next story is available.


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