The 343


How are you going to spend your Sunday?

So today is the kickoff to the new NFL season. I am sure that many people are going to spend their day watching the different games on the television. Of course with that comes tons of food and beer. Sports bars bank on days like this with specials and the fact they can have multiply games playing at once on their numerous big screens.

Even with this going on there is something more important taking place. In particular it is a recent historical date. It is September 11th, which means it is a date of national remembrance. It was only 15 short years ago that the country was drastically changed.

It was a peaceful Tuesday morning in 2001. Everyone was going about their daily routines expecting it to be like any other day. At 0843 that idea quickly went out the window for the city of New York and in particular those employed at the World Trade Center. This was when a plane crashed into the north tower creating a hellish scene in and out of the building.

At first it was thought to be just an accident and a small commuter style plane. It wasn’t until a second plane crashed into the South tower at 0903 that was realized and confirmed that they were actually jet liners. With the second strike the seriousness of what was unfolding was starting to take hold of the city.

While everyone was watching New York and the events there was yet another plane crash this time striking the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia at 0937. This caused America to realize that these crashes were not accidents. Rather they were attacks on our country. This thought was further cemented into our thoughts when a forth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 1003.

At 0959 the South Tower collapsed from the damage followed by the North Tower collapsing at 1028. When these buildings collapsed it killed almost 3000 people. Among those that were killed were first responders in the form of 343 firefighters, 72 law enforcement officer and 55 military personnel. All of which ran into the burning damaged buildings in an attempt the rescue the occupants of the building.

So today everyone should take a couple of minutes to remember all those who lost their lives on that fateful day. As a first responder I know I am going to take a couple moments to remember the 343 firefighters, who died doing what they were trained for and what they loved doing.



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