Searching for Champ


Arthur has spent many years camping on Lake Champlain. During this time he has heard many stories about Champ the lake monster. However, he never once believed in any of the stories. As a firm believer in the world of science he would not believe in this mythical creature with put some sort of physical hard evidence as proof.

Every year when he went camping he would take his boat and diving gear. Diving has always been a favorite pastime of Arthur’s. Every year he would spend most days out on the lake diving some of the numerous ship wrecks and underwater natural wonders. Even with all his years of time diving and under the water he never once saw any evidence of this so called creatures existence.

There was a small local lake town that held a yearly celebration to honor the creature. With his extreme skepticisms he decided to attend the event one year just to see what all the hype was all about. With his extreme skepticisms he decided to attend the event one year just to see what all the hype was all about. As he walked down the streets of the town it was obvious to him that it was nothing more than a reason to exploit the creature and have a town wide garage sale.

Arthur’s entire thought process was changed one fateful afternoon. While diving near the islands, where the lake is a little deeper and further north than he had ever been. He was diving the wreckage of a steamer that had sunk, when something caught the corner of his eye. As he swam a little closer to examine it, his movement startled the docile life form.

Like a flash a large creature emerged from the wreckage and took off in front of his very eyes. The creature had to be at least twelve feet in length if it were an inch, its body was almost serpentine in nature. There was one thing for sure, Arthur had never seen anything like before in his life.

Startled beyond belief by the appearance of this creature, he quickly ascended to the surface of the water. The last thing in his mind during his ascent was whether or not he got the bends, he just wanted out of the water. Whatever that creature was had scared the shit out of him.

Once on dry land he tried to tell everyone of what he had seen at the wreckage site. Most of the people he encountered just laughed in his face and thought that he was joking about his encounter with Champ. He really wished he had thought fast enough to snap some photos of the creature with his dive camera.

From that day onward all Arthur never discounted the existence of the monster. Year after year he would still dive but, instead of diving to see ship wrecks or natural beauty, it was to try and find the monster yet again.

After a number of years he started to become known in the area for his yearly visits. So much so they all saw him and his ramblings coming from miles away.

On Arthurs 85th birthday, against medical and his family’s advice he made yet another of his famous trips. During his dive he finally got to get another glimpse of the Champ. This time he was fast enough on the draw to take a picture of the monster. He was ecstatic over this opportunity. There was no way anyone would think him a quack any longer.

After numerous interviews with the television and magazine news Arthur quietly fell into obscurity. To this day he still happily recounts the tale of his search for the great lake monster to his great grandchildren while still clinging to the grainy photograph of Champ


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