The First Date

It was a beautiful warm summer day. Paula was going to spend the day out on the lake with her friends.

Kevin, Martha’s boyfriend had a boat that they were going to use for the day. Paula had never meet Kevin, however, Martha was her best friend. In her mind he had to be a good guy if he was with Martha.

He was even going to bring along his good friend Dan in hopes that they would hit it off. From what she had been told he was a good looking guy with a good job. Both of these were two important aspects to her. One of the things she hated were guys that lived in their mother’s basement. It was even more bothersome to here if a guy didn’t have a real job. In her mind selling collectables online didn’t count as a job or work.

Sure enough Dab turned out to be a really cute guy. His brown hair went perfectly with his dark soulful eyes. As for a job, he worked as a firefighter. Granted it could be a deadly and dangerous job but, the upside was the fact that he had a great and impressive physique.

With the boat loaded down with coolers of food and beer they were off for some fun in the sun.

In no time at all Paula and Dan were hitting it off as if they had known each other for years, with a lot of playful teasing and flirting between them. With looks of glad satisfaction Martha and Kevin looked on.

Starting off in a nice little cove they all enjoyed there picnic lunches. After finishing there was some time for sun bathing and of course swimming.

With the beers flowing like a stream everyone on board really started to loosen up. The simple and innocent flirting turned into a quick kiss. As the beer continued to flow that simple kiss turned into a full blown make out session right there on deck with Kevin and Martha watching. Kevin eventually grabbed a bucket of water to dowse them and ultimately cool them off.

“You’re going to get it now,” said Dan as he tackled Kevin causing them both to fall overboard.

The two guys splashed around the boat for a while, while trying to coax the girls to join them in the water. Finally Kevin climbed out of the water and gave Martha a kiss while simultaneously picking her up and pulling her overboard.

Paula wasn’t much of a swimmer and there for didn’t want to go into the lake. Being the gentleman he was Dan got out of the water to spend time with her on the boat. It wasn’t long before swim wear was tossed out of the water and onto the deck next Paula and Dan.

“What’s this? Skinny dipping time and without me?” Asked Dan.

“Damn right,” Kevin and Martha responded in unison.

Without a second thought Dan dropped is swim trunks and basked in the afternoon sun. Paula was aw struck to see this gorgeous man that she had quickly grown smitten with standing there in his birthday suit. In her mind he looked even better naked than he had with his swim trunks on. Without even a thought Paula seductively stripped out of her bikini and jumped into the lake joining the others.

For the rest of the afternoon they continued to have a good time while still draining the cooler full of beers. As the number dwindled the decision was made that it was time to head to shore and continue to the party.

As they pulled the anchor to leave there little cove it quickly became obvious that the wind had picked up and the lake was a lot rougher than it had been earlier. That however, did not stop Kevin from opening the throttle up, causing the boat to bounce uncontrollably across the water’s surface. The next thing Paula remember was being tossed through the air.

Waking up later that evening in the hospital with excruciating pain from an amputated right arm and no other recollection of the accident.


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