The Family

11056067_912837652118510_9152631962248046753_oThe family is one of the most powerful influences of anybody’s young life. For most people this is where they learn their values and the difference between right and wrong. Not to mention this is the first and sometimes the only place where they experience what true and unconditional love really is.

For Alex this was never farther from the truth. Growing up in the suburbs of a moderate sized city he never wanted for anything. There was always food on the table and cloths on his back.

The family lived in a modern 3 bedroom ranch style house. Within the house there were all the conveniences of modern life. One negative of his childhood was sharing a room for a number of years with his younger brother. As with most siblings they didn’t get a long all that great.

While growing up every Sunday Alex went to church with his family with the exception of his father. He always stayed home and did the house work and prepared the families Sunday dinner. Only twice a year would his father attend church, those days being Easter and Christmas.

The family enjoyed spending time together as often as they could. Every Friday the immediate family would go out for pizza at the local pizza shop. However, the biggest family gathering was on Sunday afternoons following church. That is when everyone including extended family got together at Alex’s home for a big Sunday dinner.

Dinner on Sunday nights has always been one of Alex’s favorite meals of the week. Besides the fact that the meals on these days were always more succulent they also provided the opportunity to learn about everyone else’s week. Plus an added bonus was the fact that it put a delay on having to finish his homework until after everyone had gone home for the night.

Now that Alex is a grown man and starting his own family these memories are a cherished commodity. With the fact that he now lives in a distant city with his pregnant wife he doesn’t get the opportunity to attend the weekly dinners. He tries to call home on Sunday’s as often as possible just to catch up with the family. However, since he is a doctor he has to work most weekends.

Someday Alex hopes to continue the family tradition with his new and growing family.


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