Carson’s First Date

Carson was your average young teenage boy. Who had no real experience when it came to girls, at least in the relationship department. After all his best friend Heather was the only girl he ever really talked to.

So with great trepidation he agreed to go out on a date with Amber. The entire idea of him going on this date was one of his mother’s hair brained schemes. She had meet Ambers father at an AA meeting and was interested in in him. With her sober and disillusioned thinking was that if the kids were hanging out, he would be forced to spend time with her. On the other several occasions she tried to talk with him, he just blew her off.

Carson was the kind of kid who was willing to do almost anything to help out his mother. After all the problems the family had had she was finally trying to get help with her drinking problem.

So on Friday they were all going on what amounted to a double date. The only thing was that Amber and her father had no idea that she was thinking of it in that manner. Both parents were going under the guise of keeping an eye on the two of them.

For their date they were going to be going to the local roller rink. This was going to be Carson’s first time ever strapping on a pair of roller skates. Granted when he was younger he had taken some figure skating lessons. His way of thinking was that it couldn’t be too much different.

So while the kids were out enjoying the skating and talking, the two parents got to know each other better while sitting at the snack shop. Carson and Amber both had a really good time skating around the rink hand in hand.

At the end of the night Amber’s father dropped the entire group off at Carson’s home. Amber decided to walk him to the door that his mother quickly and quietly disappeared into before conspicuously turning off the porch light.

“I had a really good time tonight Carson,” Amber said very shyly with her head down and swaying her foot back and forth.

“Me too.”

“Maybe we can do it again sometime? Hopefully without the parents in tow.”

“Yeah maybe.”

“Well goodnight I guess.”

“Goodnight,” he replied as he turned to walk into the house, noticing that she had yet to head back to the car.

“Anything else Carson?” she asked as she bashfully looked up at him and batted her eyelashes.

“Oh yeah,” he leaned down and gave her a little peck of a kiss to her cheek.

“Oh Carson,” she said as she put both arms around him and gave him a big wet kiss on his lips. “Well goodnight.” She turned and started to skip down the walk way to the car.

As he walked into the house in shock over what happened. His mother was sitting in waiting to congratulate him on his first date and kiss. Walking right past her as if she wasn’t there he went to his bedroom.

Laying down on his bed Carson tried to contemplate what had happened to him on the porch. Granted it was his first real kiss, but, it just felt wrong to him somehow. Not to mention he wasn’t sure if he liked it all that much.

When it was happening all he could do was stand there with his lips limp like a dead piece of cod. Meanwhile her lips reminded him of his mother’s cooking. Warm, squishy and bland. The only thing that kept running through his mind was the thought that if this was what kissing a girl was like he didn’t want to do it again anytime soon.


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