It’s Christmas Morning

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The stars are just starting to fade, as the morning light slowly starts the fill the sky. Not a sound can be heard over the fresh blanket of fluffy white snow that fell during the night. All through the suburban neighborhood smoke can be seen raising from the stacks of each house.

To Kevin it seemed like he just barely crawled into his warm bed and rested his head down on his pillow.

“Daddy, daddy. It’s Christmas morning, Santa came,” yelled Travis as he ran down the hall and into his fathers bed room.

“What? Travis go back to bed it is too early.”

“But, dad. I want to open my presents.”

“Go back to bed. We can get up in a little bit.”

Just as he closed his eyes and started to doze back off, a loud bang came from down the hallway startling him back awake. Instantly he knew that it was his son’s bedroom door being flung open. Listening carefully he could hear the patter of his feet as the sounds grew louder.

“Dad, it’s latter,” he stated as Kevin slowly opened his eyes to see his soon standing at his bedside.

“Okay, okay, I’m up. Go into the living room and get your stocking. I will be right out.” Sitting up on the beds edge as Travis runs out of the room and down the hall.

Slowly slipping his feet into his slippers Kevin headed down the hall and through the living room into the kitchen. He had decided if he was going to be up that early, he was going to need a fresh hot strong cup of coffee.

Sitting down on the floor next to his son in nothing more than his boxers and t-shirt he suddenly remember what the holiday was all about. Of course he knew there was a religious background to it. However, just seeing the look on his sons face and the pure excitement was enough to make him forget about how tired he was. Watching his son tear open his packages he remembered back to when he was a child. Now he understood how his parents must have felt about getting up so early just to watch him have a good time.


So on this Christmas morning take a minute to think back to what it felt like to be a wide-eyed child waking to discover the joy left behind during the night. But, above all remember what the day is really all about, spending time with your loved ones. In this day and life people all too often don’t have times for their families. So turn of the T.V.’s, computers and phones and enjoy each other’s company. For those among you that are Christians remember that on this day Christ the son of God was born to deliver use from evil.

Merry Christmas to one and all.


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So until next week or I guess I should say next year, sit back and relax with a good book.


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