Facade of Technology

Marybeth is a young 30 year old women who makes her living as a computer teacher at her local high school. As part of her job she has to be up to date on all the latest technologies and the world of the internet.

Deep down she despises the impact that technology has played on solicit as a whole. On several instances she had been known to voice her dislike of this to her close family and friends. However, she knew better then to mention these views while working or to her students. Of course that all of course is if she wants to keep her job.

In an attempt to keep up her appearances Marybeth maintains a presence online through the use of social media. With a bare minimum amount of interaction she uses her Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram. As to her thoughts and opinions she has to keep them at bay to maintain her professional appearance as her employer might follow and monitor usage as part of her contract.

Her one biggest rule for her students is that they not use any social media apps during her class time period. Of course she knows that it still happens and she just has not caught any of the students doing so. Another of her rules is that she will not friend or follow any of her students on any of these platforms.

No matter how careful she was or her rules things still ended up turning sour thanks to technology.

It all started one evening when she went out on a second date with a great guy. The meal and entire date seemed to be going great until she noticed one of her students nearby.

She politely acknowledged the student before returning her attention to her date. The entire time she never realized that the student was snapping pictures of her and the date. Which had she known would have been inappropriate in itself.

Later that evening after getting home she received a notice that she had been tagged in a photo by the student. She quickly messaged the student asking her to delete the picture from her timeline.

The next morning the picture was plastered all over the school with several different inappropriate comments written at the bottom. Seeing these pictures she became enraged with the student who took the photo. When she was called into the office to discuss the issue her anger grew more intense.

During the meeting the administration made her to feel that the entire issue was all her fault. Prior to that day she had never realized that having a personal life or a relationship would become a problem.

Finally the student was called into the office to explain the reasons for what they had done. During the long discussion it came out that the student had feelings towards the teacher and was highly jealous of the other man.

Before the situation could be contained the local news got ahold of the story. As too often as they do it was sensationalized in order to get better ratings.

It wasn’t too long after the news report that Marybeth ended up without a job. The bank was about to foreclose on her home and her car. Worst of all the guy she had been seeing and thought might be the one, dumped her and never called again.

Packing what few belongings and pride she had left she was off to a new town for a new start on life. That was the last time anyone saw or heard from her in person or on the internet…. She was officially off the grid.


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