Ferry Of Death

On the lake near where Jerry spends his time camping is a ferry. It isn’t a long journey across, but, it is an enjoyable trip.

So every year while camping he takes one day to drive the country side and take the ferry across the lake. Over the years of taking it he has been able to notice a few trends. If taking the ferry during the middle of the day there were a lot more tourists then if taken during would could be considered rush hour.

Jerry decided to take his annual ride on a rainy day rather than spent it at the campground getting wet. On his way back to the campground the sun finally decided to break through the clouds and illuminate the day, as he pulled down onto the ferry loading dock.

As the ferry started the loading process it was early afternoon and as usual there seemed to be a lot of tourists onboard.

One of the young twenty something girls yanked out her smart phone. During the short trip across the lake the girl must have taken at least a dozen photos. From her sheer excitement and exuberating tone it was easy to see that this was her first time ever traveling on a ferry.

The transit was going like normal and jerry was in his glory. It wasn’t until they made it about half way across the lake when that drastically changed. That is when a guy came running from the stern of the ship while dodging car mirrors. When he reached the bow he dove right over the barricade and into the water while fully dressed.

“Man overboard, man overboard!!” Yelled Jerry as he stripped out of his shirt and shoes.

The ferry Captain quickly threw the boat into full reverse causing a vibration to shake the entire deck from the cavitation of the water. As the emergency horn sounded the crew jumped into action.

Throwing a nearby life ring into the water Jerry dove of the boat in an attempt to aid the man overboard. With all the crew members and passengers watching Jerry made several dives in an attempt to locate the man.

After swimming several laps around the ferry without any luck he was helped back onto the deck of the ferry. Shortly thereafter the local fire department and coast guard boats arrived with trained rescue divers.

After a search that felt like it had lasted for an eternity even though it was only about thirty minutes the man’s remains were located. He had been sucked right up into the propellers and then got lodged in the boats rudder.

It was sure a ferry ride that Jerry would not soon forget. Meanwhile the girl with the smart phone will most likely never take another ferry in her entire life.

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So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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