The Vacation

With his small truck laidened down with gear Steve is out the door for a two week camping and fishing trip. This vacation was long overdue and highly needed and deserved.

Over the past several months this vacation almost didn’t happen. His good old truck started to suffer from major and catastrophic failures. Even so he was determined to go, it was the only way Steve was able to unplug, relax, and reset.

Steve was so relieved when he safely pulled into the state campground after his three hour journey north. Parking near the ranger station, he had to wait in order to check into his site. The campers from the night before still hadn’t left the site.

This wasn’t his first time staying at this particular state park and far from his first time being on this lake. As a kid he had spent every weekend during the summer on the lake, so he knew the area pretty well. Granted it was the New York state side of the lake. The one fact that Steve really enjoyed was the fact that the area was rich in American history and the formation of the nation.

He took solace in the thought that General Benedict Arnold and his band of fearless soldiers trudged through these very woods following there infamous battle at Valcour Island. With the nearby ruins of Fort Crown Point standing as an everlasting reminder of the history and that infamous trek.

Not to mention the state campground had its own historic sites attached to it. Just outside the main entrance to the park is the historic home of a revolutionary war solider John Strong and his family. Meanwhile inside the park there is the foundation hole of their original homestead that was burnt to the ground by the British during the war.

This was all fine and dandy but, he was really here for the camping, fishing and of course the relaxation.

Once Steve had his site set up to his desires it was time to sit back and relax. With a beer in hand he just sat there and listened to the sounds of nature as they reverberated off the nearby trees. With his life style of always being on the go and the stress level and importance of his job, trips like this were essential to his mental wellbeing.

Without the insistent sounds of alarms, the hustle and bustle, constant movement of people and equipment, Steve’s head started to bob as if he was nothing more than a bobble head doll.

Crawling into his tent before it was even dark, Steve was ready for bed. Laying there just listening to the light breeze as it rustled through the trees and the evening crickets, he was out like a light in no time flat.

To Steve there is no better way to sleep than on the ground in a tent. The sounds and the fresh air creating their own presence and anthem to sleep by. It definitely beats even the sounds that a sound generator can produce.

I hope you all enjoyed.  I would love to hear what everyone’s thoughts are. As always please like a follow to learn more about the page content.

So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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