I have a couple of very important question for everyone out there cyberspace. What is happening to this world? Why is there so much hate in the world? Would it hurt people to just get along and understand each other?

So it has happened yet again, another school shooting. Not to mention the attack on Syria.

Now granted there is likely other violence throughout the world that we don’t hear about. Granted the news channels here in the U.S. mostly focus on the tragedies that they think the people want to hear about. To help add to this problem is the added benefit of social media and the internet in general. With this the information gets out there a lot faster and increases the public outrage over the events.

I realize this is going to make me sound old. When I was younger there was the Columbine shooting and the whole trench coat mafia. Now granted it did hit the national news broadcasts but, the information was not as free flowing as it is these days.

I want it said right here that I am far from against the second amendment and the right to bare arms. As someone who is not a huge gun guy I don’t believe that those who have guns are evil. In fact I recently had an education on the use of guns, granted I have never shot a gun but want to. However, we all know that with this latest school shooting that guns laws and reform are going to become big political hot buttons for months to come.

All in all it comes down to guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It often seems that these violent killers are all too often suffering from other problems and don’t realize what they have done wrong. Then there are those who are committing these crimes because they feel their religion tells them too commit these atrocities.

Growing up as a Christian I have always believed in the concept of love. To me the golden rule was a major part of my upbringing; Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. I want to know what has happened to these lessons both in the religious community and the general population in general.

So I want to give everyone out there some homework. Be kind to your fellow man, women and child. No matter who or what they believe in. The other thing I would love for everyone to do, go up to a complete stranger, say hello and start a conversation. If you are feeling really confident say to them that you appreciate them and love them. These can just help those who might be struggling in their lives.

Let’s try to stop the violence before it has a chance to take hold.

I hope you all enjoyed.  I would love to hear what everyone’s thoughts are. As always please like a follow to learn more about the page content.

So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


One thought on “violence

  1. Whilst reading gun death statistics people should take into consideration police shootings, suicides, accidents, and separate these from actual crimes before posting things.

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