The Westfall Case (Part VII)

Horace decided he needed a drink to relax after the sudden change in the case. Not to mention he needed to relieve the pain he was now feeling from his recent beating. Prior to now it had never occurred to him that there was more to the story or that the wife could be involved.

Stumbling back into his office after another long night of drinking, he swallowed a couple of aspirin with some bourbon, he needed to sleep. Attempting to flop down on his bed he landed flat on his face and passed out for the night.

Waking up on the floor in a heap wasn’t something unusual to happen to Horace. Climbing to his feet he started in on his day awaiting for the Mrs. Westfall to arrive.

“Yeah enter,” Horace responded to the knock at the door.

“Mr. Trout, any luck?”

“Na, but you knew that.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s dead.”

“What? He can’t be dead.”

“But, he is, you killt him,” said Horace. “Poison I spect. You had help from Brad, your lover.”

“I don’t know any Brad’s”

“That’s a lie. He’s you lover and the waiter at Jack’s, you request. He musta helped ya. Your husband was a big guy, so someone helped disappear him,” explained Horace. “Plus the scene had not been cleaned. With your staff it would have been. It was left as a stage for me.”

“How could you think that? I loved Donald!” exclaimed Patricia.

“Not as much as his money. You and Brad wanted it all yourselves. But, he was broke. He borrowed from the mob to live,” explained Horace as he called down to the buildings desk. “Send them up.”

“Send who up?”

“The cops. You can’t get away with this.”

“Get away with what. I am innocent. It was all Brad’s idea. The last thing that I wanted was for Donald to die!”

“I think both of you working together,” stated Horace as he opened the door to let the cops in.

“Yes I admit it, we did it. The two of us poisoned him with arsenic. We added it to his food at the restaurant and it was in his Brandy. This plan took weeks to accomplish.

“Why’d you do it?”

“Well, he never really loved me, like Brad does. We were going to take his money and run away with it.”

“Your plan has been spoiled. Enjoy the new cold cell.”

After the police removed her from the office, Horace typed up a report on the case and placed it into his Westfall file.

I hope you all enjoyed. This is just the start of a story involving these characters. If you want to learn more about this world and see what the outcome of the case is please leave a comment. I would love to hear what everyone has to say and thinks about this world. As always please like a follow to learn more about the page content.

So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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