The Westfall Case (Part VI)

While riding in the cab back to his office, Horace wrote some notes on all he had seen and learned from his trip to the Westfall estate. Grabbing his tie, he was off again, this time to dinner. After dinner he had one more stop, in order to learn more information about Westfall’s and there not so up and up lives or business dealings.

“Hey, Horace, the usual?” asked Doris the server behind the counter.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Doris, where’s Butch at?” asked Horace as she came by to clear away his Salisbury steak and potato blue plate special.

“It’s Friday so he’s at the Bullet.”

The Bullet was a local night club owned by Michael ‘Butch’ DeMarco the local mobster kingpin. Butch was the one guy you didn’t want to mess with in town. He was a big guy who was meaner then hell. Once he had been in a tussle with Cassidy from a rival crew. After getting his eye gauged out he kept fighting until Cassidy was fitted with a pair of cement overshoes to swim with the fishes for eternity.

On this night the club was busier than normal since The Dorsey Brothers were playing. It didn’t stop Horace from getting in with a friend at the door and a twenty spot in hand.

Horace made his way across the crowed dance floor and between tables towards the back. Everyone knew that Butch would be sitting in the back with his hired muscle of the week. Not that the muscle was really needed, most people were too afraid to approach him.

“Butch my old friend,” spat Horace as he sat down at the table.

“Horace, who let your crippled ass in my club?” Snarled Butch with a look of pure disdain.

Horace and Butch weren’t exactly friends yet they weren’t enemies either, the relationship was one of tentative distrust. On lookers were always nervous to be near the two of them for fear of their own life. But secretly they helped each other out usually for a fee.

“Here on business. Lose the lackey?”

“Thomas, take a powder,” ordered Butch. “What, you want Horace?”

“Need info on Donald Westfall. He’s missing a couple days now. Word is you had dealings together.”

“No clue where you heard that. It might be true,” stated Butch as he put his hand out.

Horace took a c-note out of his pocket and slid it across the table.

“Now I remember. His company was on the skids and needed a boost. We came to a agreement.”

“What terms?”

“He had til midnight to pay the principal. That was three days ago.”

“How much we talking?”

“Two thou.”

“Where’d he get too?”

“Had nothing to do with it.”

“Do with what?”

“His killin, can’t get no money from a dead man.”

“What killin? Wife say he is missin.”

“She isn’t telling the whole story.”

“Great, thanks for info. I’m outa here”

“Not so fast, Horace,” stated Butch as he stood up and threw his drink in his face. “Get this sleaze outa my club and don’t never come back.

Horace was dragged out the front door and had took several hits to the stomach before being dropped in a heap in the road. This was normal for Horace and Butch’s relationship. It was the way they kept up the appearance of their hatred of each other.

I hope you all enjoyed. This is just the start of a story involving these characters. If you want to learn more about this world and see what the outcome of the case is please leave a comment. I would love to hear what everyone has to say and thinks about this world. As always please like a follow to learn more about the page content.

So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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