The Westfall Case (Part V)

As he was escorted back to the kitchen by the maid it dawned on him that she might be of more help than expected. If anyone knew what was really going on in the house like this, it was the servants.

“I got question Mertal,” stated Horace as he had a seat at the table to wait for his cab to arrive.

“My name is Meriam sir. What kind of questions to you have?” Asked the maid.

“Sorry bout that. I want to ask you about Mrs. Westfall.”

“What type of information are you looking for?”

“How often she eat at Jack’s.”

“Every Friday Mr. and Mrs. go there as part of their routine before go to the opera for the night.”

“How often do she go without him?”

“I’m not want to tell stories. But, I hear that she goes there a couple of times a week, usually to get lunch.”

“She come home right after eaten?”

“Not exactly. She usually comes home just before the mister comes home.”

“Where she go before coming home?”

“I don’t exactly know where she spends those afternoons.”

“Is it possible she got’s another man?”

“You mean another lover?”


“I think that she very well may have. But, as I said before I am not one to tell stories.”

“Do you know his name?”

“I am not sure there is another man. But, I do not know his name.”

“Have you ever heard the name Brad before?”

“Of course I have. That is the name of her cousin that visits on occasion.”

“Really. How often does he visit?”

“It seems he only visits when missure is out of town.”

“When was the last time that he visited the house?”

“He is currently visiting.”

“Can you take me to him? I would like to ask him some questions,” stated Horace with a look of glee in his eyes.

“I can’t take you to him right now. Madam insisted that he leave the house before you got here. I think she wanted to avoid you thinking anything was wrong.”

“I see. Take me to the room he stays in.” Horace stood up from the table and headed towards the service stirs off the kitchen.

“Well his stuff is in the guest room. But, I think he sleeps in the same room as madam.” Stated Meriam as she directed him towards the room.

“Why you think that?”

“I have found his skivvies in madam’s room on more than one occasion. Plus there was one morning that I found him sneaking back to the guest room in his birthday suit.”

“You didn’t find this strange?”

“I did. But, every family is a little different. I thought that maybe they were distant cousins or something of that nature. Madam does come from one of those back woods kind of towns.”

“Really. So she has no money of hers?”

“No sir. It is all masures money. Without him she would have nothing to her name but, the cloths she has on.”

Horace took a quick look around the guest room. As he feared there was nothing to incriminate him. The room looked as if it had not been slept in for weeks.

After leaving the quest room Meriam showed Horace the master bedroom. There was plenty of evidence there. Strewn across the floor were a number of articles of clothing, appearing to belonging to both Mrs. Westfall and Brad. The bed appeared to have been the center of some sort of either a tussle or extreme passion.

“Why does this room look so dirty?”

“Madam doesn’t like us to clean it when her cousin is here. It looks like this whenever he is here visiting. She will demand it be cleaned to perfection before missure returns home,” stated Meriam as they headed back down the stairs into the kitchen.

“That seems strange. I’d put money on Cousin Brad being same Brad works at Jack’s. His friend tell me he is having affair with Mrs. Westfall.”

“It might be, his cloths usually smell like food when he arrives.”

“You been helpful Meriam. Have a good day,” stated Horace as he walked out the service door to the waiting cab.

I hope you all enjoyed. This is just the start of a story involving these characters. If you want to learn more about this world and see what the outcome of the case is please leave a comment. I would love to hear what everyone has to say and thinks about this world. As always please like a follow to learn more about the page content.

So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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