Meet Butch

  • Michael DeMarco
    • Nicknamed Butch
  • Age 40 – 50’s
  • Male
  • 5 foot 11 inches
  • Shabby light brown/dark blonde hair
  • Blue eye
    • Glass right eye
    • Lost eye in a knife fight
  • 180 Pounds
  • Caucasian
  • Clean Shaven
  • Tailored suits


Life saved by Horace

  • Start of friendship
  • Started as a simple street thug
    • Worked way to top of pyramid
      • Local mobster leader
      • Present
  • Local mob leader
  • Runs speakeasy
    • The Bullet
      • Store Front
      • Church revival/mission
      • External Appearance
  • Well kept
  • Handsome
  • Debonair
  • Intelligent
  • Mean as hell
  • Rich
  • Untouchable
  • Corrupt
  • Bootlegger
  • Loan shark
  • Big guy
  • Internal Appearance
  • Handsome
  • Hard working
  • The boss
  • Pleasant
  • Hardnosed
  • Motivations
  • Control
  • Making money
  • Making booze
  • Running speakeasy

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So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


One thought on “Meet Butch

  1. Jim and Sharon from camp. Trust you are now enjoying your new truck. Will read your stories when we get back home.


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