Customer Service

It has been a number of years since I worked in the customer service industry. No matter what I would think that it would not have changed all that much. Boy was I wrong.

For those who don’t know my truck is slowly dying from old age and use. So I have started doing some research into replacing her. With my research I am looking at all the different brands and what they offer.

So my first stop after my weekend class was a Ford dealership. As I was walking in one of the salesmen held the door open even though his hands were full with lunch. He introduced me to another salesman. Who tuned out to be of great help and able to answer all of my questions.

My second stop was at a Toyota dealership. When I walked in the salesmen just looked at me never saying a word to me. It wasn’t until I started to walk towards another salesman that he even said hello as he rushed towards me.

He turned out to be a quasar helpful. I asked for brochures on the two truck models they offer. I was given one and told the other was out of stock and they weren’t going to be getting anymore. He instructed me to go online to find it and print it out. Not exactly what I wanted to do.

My third stop was a Chevy dealership. As I was parking my truck I was glared at by some young kid who was locking the doors of the cars in the lot. As I got out of the truck and headed towards the door a salesman saw me and quickly went the other direction.

When I walked in a voice came from a nearby office as a salesman ran out to great me. Here again I asked for brochures on their two truck models. The response I got was flabbergasting. I was told they don’t do brochures, I would have to go online for that. He then told me I was free to walk around and look at the trucks. I did end up walking, right out the door to my truck and out of the parking lot.

Granted I can go online and look at every type and manufacturer of trucks anytime. However, I would rather the brochures so I can set them side by side to compare them. What if I didn’t have internet access then how would I look at the information.

Back when I worked in the service industry we always tried to do anything to help the customer out. In this instance, I would have gotten the customers information and try to truck down the requested information, notifying them when it was available.

Needless to say I was not impressed. In fact that Chevy dealership has lost my business for good. The Toyota dealership has a slim chance of my returning, it could happen though.

The overall message from this for customer service employees. If you aren’t going to help your customers or are not polite, GET A NEW JOB.

This was just something I had to get off my chest.

I hope you all enjoyed. I would love to hear what your opinions and thoughts are. Please feel free to like and comment, also don’t forget to hit the follow button to see when each post goes up.

So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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