Equal Rights

I have to say that I am happy to hear that the Supreme Court has ruled that LGBTQ individuals have the right to get married in every state throughout the country. Making this a historic day for the country. With this happening during the month of June makes it even more special since it is National LGTBQ Month.

“It’s not a gay thing. It’s not a straight thing. It’s a human thing.” Shane Bitney Crone

The last several years have seen a number of advancements in the rights of LGTBQ individuals. These events including the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (2011) with in the U.S. Military, repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act (2013), and not to mention a number of states legalizing marriage.

However, as my brother pointed out there are a lot of other issues that this country needs to take more extensive look at. Such as the problems with the healthcare system, the educational system, gang violence, child abuse, and needless attacks on innocent people.

In my personal opinion a lot of these current issues can easily be taken care of with better education and discipline. One particular thing that is currently getting under my skin is the attacks on the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia. A lot of people are stating that this is a flag the represents slavery and oppression. When in fact it is a military flag representing the states wish to fight against, what they felt was oppression of the foreign government of the north.

I feel that we all just need to get along. The one thing I thing to remember is love they neighbor.

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So until next week, sit back and relax with a good book.


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