Meet Liam

Liam McBride

Liam is very tall and rail thin just like his mother had been. He stands about five foot eight inches tall and weighs about one hundred pounds soaking wet, if he is lucky. His light brown hair is kept short and neat just like his father’s. Liam’s eyes are a beautiful soft hazel color. He has a very light skin complexion with several freckles on his face. His looks are that of a delicate porcelain doll of a time gone by.  From a distance you would never know that he is a teenager of fifteen years old.

    • Trouble Maker
    • Expelled from multiply private schools
    • Mother killed in car accident when 3
    • Was in back seat of car seat when in accident that killed mother
    • Moved from Seattle Washington to Boston Mass.
    • Moved 6 months after mother’s death
    • Grandmother was sick and needed help
    • Lives with father and grandmother
    • Lives in southie (South Boston)
    • Does drugs mostly pot
    • Favorite place to buy pot is bunker hill
    • Discovers drug ring at new school
    • Forced to sell drugs for the drug ring
    • Sells most drugs at clubs and parties
    • Misbehaves to get attention from father
    • Receives award of valor from the city
    • Brings down drug ring
    • Friend also sells drugs for school
    • Friend dies from mysterious OD
    • Does not want to be a firefighter like father at the beginning
    • Friend/love interest in Cathy
    • Likes Baseball
    • Despises fathers job and what it stands for
    • Does not know fathers past
    • Helped to understand father by the captain
    • Does not know about the fire house and the connection to the family
    • Respects fathers job and wants to follow in the family business at the end
    • Does not know that his mother is dead in the beginning
    • Drinking problem

This is another one of the many characters that freely wonder around inside my mind. He resides in a manuscript that I am working on getting an agent for and hopefully published someday in the future. He is loosely based on a friend of mine from my first college.

If you would like to learn more about Liam and his world let me know in the comments below.

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